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Sometimes we have to get lost for a while to live found and free. For many, the pandemic has shifted priorities, forcing us to choose change. In April of 2020 when the world was on lockdown, I checked in with old friends who are masters of reinvention and growth. Their heads and hearts push me to press on, live by my core values, never settle. Born from that first conversation and reflecting on my own expat adventure was this piece and a new podcast/YouTube series, Travel People: Living Authentic Lives, Finding Kindred Spirits, Fulfilling Dreams.

Here guests share how they and their part of the world are navigating the pandemic and how past challenges led them home to the people they were created to be. The literature teacher and writer in me asks them to describe their trajectories using Joseph Campbell’s stages of the hero’s journey as they followed their bliss. Each describes being called to a different life, crossing the threshold into a new world, meeting mentors, handling testing, and whether or not they find what they were seeking. They give insider tips on where and how to take timeouts in their beautiful backyards. They inspire and empower us to plan our next adventures… or next life.


Talking Spain with Camino de Santiago Guide Monica Chantada
Talking Morocco with Aussie Expat Kate Woods of Morocco Bespoke
Talking France with Canadian Travel Writer and Blogger Janice Chung
Talking Oregon with Dr. Kim Roberts
Part 1 of 2 Episodes: Talking Thailand and 100 Other Countries with Travel Bloggers Kendra and David Lucas


Season 2: Talking Angela Correll's Writing Journey and Retreats Travel People: Living Authentic Lives, Finding Kindred Spirits, Fulfilling Dreams

Welcome to Part 2 of my conversation with Angela Correll, author of the May Hollow Trilogy. This episode is for readers, writers, creatives of all kinds. She’ll share her writing journey,  process, and a new project. She’ll also talk about opportunities she can provide for solo writing retreats and creative community.  Be sure to hear her story in Part 1 and read the blogpost on how she wanted a simpler life and found it in Stanford, KY with her husband, Jess. There they live on a sustainable farm and have revitalized the downtown area of the village dating back to the 1700s that inspired her books. She takes us on a tour through the first historic guest cottage they saved and renovated, restaurant and event spaces, and her soap factory where it all began as a way to save her goats. You’ll see Whitley Cottage, Esther’s Wellhouse, and farm-to-table Bluebird Restaurant where I spent a one-of-a-kind weekend. Angela continues to design spaces so readers can experience small town living in the two worlds of her novels–one in Kentucky and soon Tuscany, Italy where she and Jess are remodeling rental properties. 
  1. Season 2: Talking Angela Correll's Writing Journey and Retreats
  2. Special Edition Part 1: Talking 3 Magical Places in 2022 for Getting Back to What's Important with Angela Correll
  3. S2 Summer Bonus Addition: Talking Screenings, Stars, and Connections at Cannes Film Festival with Toni Thompson
  4. S2 E4 Pt2 Talking Switzerland, Ireland, NOLA, Cali with Elaine & Scott Harris
  5. S2 E4 Pt1 Talking Food, Drink from Vegas to Switzerland with Journalists Elaine & Scott Harris

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