Creative Director/Business Owner, Marketer

I started Classic Coup, a tee shirt company, to promote reading for critical thinking and compassionate living. Part of the proceeds bought books for schoolchildren in Quito, Ecuador. Highlights were teaming with former students, Designer Angela Muir Manes and Photographer Jenny Mandeville; delivering books to Ecuador; my students discussing Romeo and Juliet with my friend, Teacher Sherry Coyle, and her class in Ecuador; going to the midnight premier of The Great Gatsby with students sporting Gatsby shirts; getting permission from S. E. Hinton for the “Stay Gold Pony Boy” shirt; meeting book lovers at book fests; selling tees in Nashville stores and online globally; interviewing “new classic” writer Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat; watching Classic Tour country-hop on World Tour (see below) and being selected for POOLTRADESHOW, the top platform for emerging independent fashion brands, then making the trip to Las Vegas with Angela.

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