Staycation #9: The Golden Age of Couture

When my sister and I married in the 80s we didn’t appreciate our mom’s wedding gown (pictured above). Though I also opted for Chantilly Lace, I now covet the classic design of her dress. My dad teased her about her “Killdeer legs” accentuated by the layers of crenoline but I would now kill to have her wedding waist (at 98 pounds and a 5’7″ frame you do the math). Now my daughter, interested in a fashion career, is excited about the exhibit at the Frist, The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947-1957.
I saw the exhibition last night at Frist Fridays. While the crowd grooved to Anthony David, Grammy nominated neo soul singer/songwriter outside… ladies stormed the galleries inside. Not since opening night of SATC2 have I seen so many women so excited. In fact, though I’ve seen many-an- art- enthusiast enjoying exhibits at the Frist, I’ve never been bumped along in a crowd as happy…downright jubilant…as last night. Females flocked and cooed around ballgowns and suits, hats and shoes, pictures and videos in celebration of fashion that pays tribute to femininity, class, and style. Though the exhibit lasts till September, see it soon in case you want to book a flight to London to see the icon dressed by Dior in the Grace Kelly exhibit this summer. For those of us staying put, I look forward to watching the Princess of Monaco in movies with my daughter and taking her to the Frist.

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