All that Glows: Summer 2011

The 2010-11 school year is over, and I’ve moved back into my summer home. Vacating the classroom means taking up residency here, on this blog, where I can exhale. Having done my penance of papers, I can stop grading others and maybe even myself. Though it will take a miracle not to measure the next seven weeks by how much I cross off my bloated to-do list– writing projects, preparing Classic Coup for POOL, finishing sessions I’m teaching at a conference–it’s all good. Especially more time with family and friends. So far despite my extreme sports in 90 degree weather– banging on a tube behind the boat (the Ladd Sisters–Penny and me–ride the waves again), playing volleyball at night with friends in a pool, batting cicadas with a fan as they kamikaze into me, stirred up by Kaziques at an outdoor concert– I breathe easier in summer. It’s a time to collect my thoughts…like lightening bugs in a jar…and see all that glows.

2 Comments on “All that Glows: Summer 2011

  1. Just sitting on the back portch myself tonight, catching my own breath, admiring the twinkle of the fireflies in the forest behind our home… were we twins separated at birth that we can think the same thoughts? You, my dear, however, are so much more talented with words! Wow! WHAT a last line!! I’ll save that quote for my scrapbooks!!! S


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