Technology and the Brave New Classroom

Most don’t realize that Memphis is home to more than one king. In Elvis’ hometown, education rules at a world “think tank” started ten years ago at the Lausanne Collegiate School. Now each summer administrators, technology personnel, and teachers from every continent collaborate at the Lausanne Laptop Institute to discuss how to best use technology in the classroom.
I just returned from my third Institute. The first year I was hooked from meeting teachers from International Schools. Teaching abroad has always been on my “one day” list since teaching English in Italy one summer. Last year I submitted a proposal and was invited to present at the European Laptop Institute, hosted by the American School of The Hague in The Netherlands. Due to 4 feet of water wiping out my school’s first floor the funding to get me to Amsterdam’s canals ran dry. This week I presented three different sessions where I used a Ning Network I created similar to the ones I use in my classes. It still takes a village to raise a child…and a community unbound by borders to educate him. Thanks to friends for contributing resources to help get this last Ning launched… Sherry, teacher in Ecuador whose students did book discussions with my students via Skype; Monica, teacher from Spain; Paulette, Italian-American chef/editor; Sally, childhood BFF who spent 20 years in Niger; Emily, world traveler who recently served in a Tanzanian orphanage; Omaira, an interpreter/ literature lover; Sheyla, Cuban-American television personality who gave tech help, recipes, and a retreat in her backyard.
If you’re into travel/global educational projects and cultural exchange, check it out or join and contribute. One new member who teaches in Turkey will combine his students with mine in Tennessee for a global book discussion this fall via Skype.
A founder of Wikipedia and other global gurus made it a fun three days for Geeks on Beale. I’m still told with a sigh I’m out there but I have a lot of buddies “off in another world” too. It sure beats being in the box.
The Ning:
Students Beyond Borders on the Wings of Ning

The Peabody

Fellow DCA Road Warriors who survived the minibus ride with little to no AC and kept on smiling: Renee, Mimi, Tabitha, Mike

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  1. Very nice article, Cindy. Enjoyed our excursion and many room changes. Years to laugh about!! Love you – have fun in Miami!!


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