Les Jardins de Bala for Lunch with a View

Les Jardins de Bala, my favorite lunch spot in town, is perched atop the 5-star hotel, Les Jardins de La Koutoubia, located in the front of Marrakech’s Medina.  Sun lovers can eat the best Indian food I’ve found while overlooking the pool, the Koutoubia Mosque, and the Atlas Mountains.  Around the corner are tables in the shade with comfy leather couches overlooking the ground floor pool.  In the terrace gardens birds sing on boughs where bougainvillea and lemons bob in the wind.  
The staff is amazing, friendly and accommodating, making every visit a pleasure.  I love that they serve my usual request, Chicken Tikka Masala, from their dinner menu no matter the time of day.  For those needing a break from souk shopping or jumping Jamaa el Fna Square, follow the doorman outside the hotel who’ll escort you up the elevator to a hidden haven.  If local and unable to do lunch during the work week, drop by to toast the sunset.


My first time here was last month with my children visiting for the holidays. It’s now “our place.”


My colleague and photographer friend, Rabi’a Laurie Neeno

1781761_10153050298467288_5223079317224442639_o (1)

Jasna and me Photo Credit: Rabi’a Laurie Neeno


Photo by Rabi’a Laurie Neeno


Photo by Rabi’a Laurie Neeno


A good day in the souks       Photo by Rabi’a Laurie Neeno


A House Special for that Sunset Toast. Cuantro, Mailbu Rum & Bombay Gin Photo Credit: Rabi’a Laurie Neeno


2 Comments on “Les Jardins de Bala for Lunch with a View

  1. Absolutely Beautiful! I look forward to each and everyone of your post. I have traveled the US, Mexico, and Canada extensively. Scotland for golf but never seen the World like you. My Daughter Anna is well on her way to being like you. This coming May Anna is studying in Europe and the following year China. She is ready for these life experiences. Me not so much as I am terrified of her getting in a situation she is not ready for. Guess I am not so ready for Anna to experience the World. She takes after her Mom and is fearless. Thank the good Lord you are sharing your experiences good and bad. Each of your post I forward to Anna. In my wildest imagination I would have never dreamed that you would actually Go for it!. I can remember in High School you saying “that one day I am going to do this and go there.” We all had dreams but you are living yours. Thank you for sharing your life! You are such a good writer, through your words I can envision where you are and what you are feeling. THANK YOU!


    • Thank you, Jere! I am so glad you enjoy the posts. Thank you for forwarding them. Another dream is to write full time one day. The teacher in me loves learning and sharing adventures with others. I am so happy for Anna starting her travel journey. Europe is amazing, and I have friends who loved working in China. Getting her education while there seems the best deal possible–more peace of mind for parents than a gap year because you know she will have community and guidance during her first experiences abroad. I look forward to hearing about her adventures!


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