Classic Movie Offers Words of Comfort for a New Year

When choosing a book or movie, I ask, “Where do I want to go?” emotionally and   physically. Films and travel memoirs have shaped my Bucket List, transported me back to places I love, and moved me–literally–to live abroad for three years. Two of my first posts on this blog were movie reviews–one on Slumdog Millionaire set in India, and the other on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button set in New Orleans. I’m preparing to return to NOLA, so I just watched the latter again.
Souls knowing no age, the only constant being change, and life’s demand that we constantly let go are truths that have always intrigued and often frustrated me. At year’s end we nostalgically look back on what has passed and hopefully or anxiously look forward at what’s to come.  The movie’s message is that because nothing is permanent on this earth, beloved relationships that last a lifetime, the ability to be grateful and present in fleeting moments, and the freedom to change our course and start anew are precious gifts.
I couldn’t believe as I watched the movie again that the words below were spoken first by Benjamin Button–a voiceover as the character traveled the world.  I’d found them on a poster somewhere online which I bought and hung in my classroom in Morocco. Two of my students, inspired, drummed and sang them to a beat. They were headed to universities in the US, Canada, and Europe, and my colleagues, international teachers, changed schools and countries every two years.
These words are what I hope for my own children, for us all in the new year. 


From Eric Roth’s Screenplay The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

2 Comments on “Classic Movie Offers Words of Comfort for a New Year

  1. Hi Cindy, we met on a food tour in Madrid earlier this year. I was traveling with my sons. So enjoy your blog and couldn’t agree more with the sentiment above. Excited to see what this year holds for you!


    • Angie! Thanks for reading and saying hi. I so enjoyed meeting you and hope that you saw the photo in the tour review of you and your son. Loved seeing you both having so much fun. I’m traveling with my son and daughter to NOLA next. 🙂 If you’d like to record some of your travels and see Morocco, join me for my Writing Retreat next June. I’d love to have you and any of your friends/family who might be interested! I am hopeful that the new year holds great things for both of us!


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