Anna Maria Island: World Class Beaches with Old Florida Charm

Bradenton Beach, Florida

Beautiful Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island–pristine and peaceful place to spread out, relax, breathe.

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The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.Jacques Yves Cousteau

What can I say? I’m a Pisces and was caught in the ocean’s net long ago.

When my spring break trip to Sicily was cancelled by Covid and borders began closing, I planned an escape to another island–this one in the US.  My sister and brother-in-law love Anna Maria Island, Florida where they vacation (and Sarasota where they married just down the road).  We grew up doing summer sojurns with Mom and our grandparents to Panama City, then took our own children to build sandcastles in Destin, also on Florida’s northern “Emerald Coast.” I’ve explored Florida’s east coast from Daytona to Miami to the Keys so began last year chasing the legendary sunsets on beaches in  the Tampa Bay area and southwest Florida. 

I’m drawn to all kinds of water–whether it laps the beach gently or crashes against its rugged rocks.  While living in Morocco I escaped the city to inhale, exhale with the tide in Essaouira, Agadir, Taghazout, Asilah and Tangier.  I’ve been thrilled by coasts in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France, Monaco, Greece, Italy…Costa Rica and the Bahamas…California, Hawaii, Tybee Island, Folly Island, and Hilton Head.

But if you want an island escape with sand, white and soft as powdered sugar, and clear, green/blue waters,  check out the Cies Isles in Europe; The Dominican Republic, where I lived for a year in the Caribbean, and Anna Maria Island. This US destination provides gorgeous sunsets; major shelling; live music; dolphin and manatee sightings; no high rises or food chains, a trolley to take you all the way to Sarasota, and a laid-back Old Florida vibe.  I now understand why residents call it Paradise and travelers become pilgrims who return yearly. Woman on shore of Bradenton Beach

Beaches on the 7-mile island include Anna Maria City, Bean Point, Holmes, Bradenton and Coquina. We stayed on a private section of Bradenton Beach where there was plenty of room for social distancing.

I went with my friend, Traci, also a teacher, who has to plan vacations around school. When our spring breaks were cancelled, we made plans for June, then postponed them to July thinking Covid would calm down. It didn’t.  Florida became a hot spot, but we’d chosen an area that wasn’t. We’d booked a condo which had a kitchen for meals and deeded  beach  property. We also drove rather than flew, did dinners in restaurants with outdoor/open spaces maintaining social distancing, and wore masks in the few enclosed public spaces we went. We also stayed in touch with friends who are Florida residents and kept us current on the situation. There was no heavy traffic or long waits at restaurants. As with any vacation in the pandemic era, be sure to check the latest information on health-related sites. This one might also be useful for  Covid-19 Travel Information for Florida.

Where to Stay

Location. Location. Location. Our comfortable, spacious condo was located in Bradenton Beach on a bay beside Cortez Bridge.  It had paved paths both to its deeded beach property across the street and to Historic Bridge Street a couple of blocks away where the clock tower calls locals and tourists to a hub of fun. Owner Morgan Henderson is an amazing host who after months of staying in touch now feels like an old friend! She had everything we needed in the 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom space including a wagon to carry coolers, an umbrella, beach chairs, and towels to the beach. If you book with her, please say hi for me!

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We enjoyed the calming decor of the condo– blue hues of the Gulf. The living area windows and sliding doors to the lanai illuminated the space with a view of the bridge and bay.

Bradenton Beach Condo overlooking bay

Here mornings begin with a cup of coffee and evenings with a glass of wine. On a rainy afternoon, a dolphin joined me.


Where to Play and Relax

The Beach of Course!



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Entrance to Historic Bridge Streeta couple of blocks away



My favorite hangout was  listening to music on the water dockside at Bridge Tender Inn..



Dan Signor IS a “big shot” the way he tears up the keys and strings at Bridge Tender Inn. He had me from the moment he played Van Morrison’s “The Mystic.”
Anna Maria Oyster Bar–great raw oysters outside on the water with a view. This place was so good we went twice!
Surround me with water!
Loved walks in the quirky local neighborhood between our condo and Bridge Street.
Meanwhile, back at the condo…
Next door was a GREAT place for Mexican food, Wicked Cantina. They also have a restaurant in Sarasota. We went away with leftovers and stuffed.
MUST DOs are the margaritas and guacamole bites –freshly made guac rolled in a fried tortilla chip crust served with Jalapeño Ranch sauce
The shrimp burrito was so good!
Gulf Drive Cafe was across the street on the beach. Great place for ocean view, drinks, “food, and fellowship” as we say in Kentucky and Nashville where we’re from.
After a rough 2020 we were in a girl trip crash-at-the beach and relax- near- the- condo mode. We saved the north end of the island for the last day and did get to places below, but rain thwarted plans to do Bean Point (named for the first permanent resident ), then a late lunch or dinner at The Sandbar . Though the restaurant has a parking lot, getting to the northernmost beach is daunting due to lack of public parking near there. Better to take the trolley rather than a car unless you can hike, bike, or golf cart it . Traci is  bringing her family to AMI later this year, I can’t wait to be back with mine, so no worries… next time.
Cutest store ever is the Shiny Fish Emporium where you can paint a sand dollar for $5, find a bohemian or vintage frock, and eye the green velvet couches for an island nap. We enjoyed chatting with Grace who works there and gave us the scoop on navigating Pine Avenue and her end of the island. In addition to popular restaurants, like The Donut Experiment and Poppos Taqueria next door, there’s Beach Bums for renting bikes, golf carts, and water gear.
This Latin dancer’s dream…cha cha cha
Shiny Fish Emporium
Our last night we went for more live music at Island Time. I enjoyed my lobster tail and steak and hearing Robert Garcia play favorites by Cat Stevens and Rod Stewart while heckling the audience.  

Traci’s friend, Pam, who recently moved to Florida joined us for beach time, dinners on Bradenton Beach, and on our excursion to Sarasota. She suggested for future stays Lazy Lobster and Dry Dark Waterfront Grill in Longboat Key. We’d already tried Mar Vista there and loved eating by the water under the trees. The scallops were amazing! Down the coast (a 30-minute drive from AMI) we took a quick spin around St. Armands Circle in Sarasota, bought by Charles and John Ringling of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus in 1917. In 1927 they moved the circus to Sarasota as their winter headquarters. John Ringling’s permanent art collection was left to the public. Guests can tour the galleries, now the State Art Museum of Florida, and the Ringlings’ Mediterranean Revival-style mansion on the Ringling estate. I can’t wait to further explore “Florida’s Cultural Coast”--hopefully during the Sarasota Highland Games and Celtic Festival celebrating Scottish roots. I want to know more about Sarasota’s intriguing history and that of Anna Maria Island.

So what have I learned in the year of the Great American Road Trip after being grounded from Europe? I’m told in Sarasota I’d normally hear languages from around the world as I do there. I miss that! But I’m discovering incredible natural beauty in my home country–a place of diverse, gorgeous landscapes; immigrant influence; and indigenous roots. So much more to see…

2020 has been a stormy year. None of us can know when this pandemic will end–when borders will open and global travel resume. We keep watching the sky, but I believe with God’s help, we can weather the storms–even find beauty in the midst of them– and more than we dare dream on the other side.

Disclosure: I received a discount on my accommodations, but as always, the opinions on this blog are my own.

Spring Break in Mermaid Cove

Just another day in paradise. Today we pull up anchor and leave Mermaid Cove. It won’t be easy. How will I start my days without drinking coffee while writing by the rosemary on our condo’s patio? Each morning the sun draws its line, making a band of light, a visible boundary, I must respect. It lights the opposite side of the courtyard while the kids are still asleep, then sundials its way across the lime green grass, heating the pool then advancing to our side of the lawn. By the time its full-court press reaches our patio, Taylor is at the pool and I know it’s time to join her.
I’d been so excited planning our trip to Seagrove. I wanted to do “old Florida”—a studio hideaway, a pool with concrete tables and benches, an unpretentious place like my grandparents and mom took my sister and me when we were little. Then the day before our trip, something unexpected happened. I interviewed a respected author/ filmmaker and actor. Then I filmed a scene in their movie. Surreal. It’s fitting I try to explain it in the early morning mist—a mix of salt, sea, and sand rising with the dew.
I’ve realized again how much I love writing—how it doesn’t feel like work. And I’ve realized I must write—even on vacation. Who was it… Lord Byron?…who said “If I don’t write I’ll go mad.” Normally writing is a release… but here… at least after the first day or so when I relearned how to relax, I’ve still felt the need to write this story…then share it… because I believe in the work of this director and actor. So even on vacation, I get up early to tap away before the kids get up. But I’ve also learned balance…how to leave the laptop, hang out with them at the pool and head to the beach when they’re ready.
Days spent on the sand reading Loving Frank as Taylor reads my favorite Southern writer, Jill McCorkle. Of course she likes the feisty woman in Carolina Moon just as we all liked Sandra Bullock’s character last night in The Blind Side. Cole had wanted us to see it. Like we did at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando when they were little, we’d eat out at night, then watch movies—Cole from the fold-out couch and Tay and me from our bed. Difference is this vacation is retro. DVDs…not Pay Per View. No hot tub or amusement parks. Just five days of blue skies, cooler on the beach, a baked ham in the fridge. We needed this trip. Who knows when we’ll all have Spring Break together again.
Thank you, Lord, for a perfect location. Seagrove is cool…Seaside about a mile away. Throngs of kids on bicycles and on foot—loosed by parents in this protective cocoon by the sea. Cole talks for the “bicycle gangs”: “Hey guys, it’s 8…think we better call it a night?” But some are misbehavin’—boys with dead jellyfish on their heads—while younger children dig furiously in the sand closer to moms and dads.
Water Color… Grayton…Blue Mountain…Santa Rosa. Deer grazing along the interstate as we drive to Destin. I learned to relax with the kids behind the wheel…that Taylor is happiest when quietly reading and Cole when lying on the couch watching the NCAA Final Four or checking out the pool house. We’ve listened to hip hop, eaten at Hurricane’s oyster bar, Red Bar (where a sixty-something man danced drunk with a twenty-something woman as all watched smashed—and not by alcohol—in a place that obviously ignores fire codes). As gas rose 20 cents a gallon during our stay, I learned a “decent meal” now costs between $20-$25 per person. Funny that Crab Trap in Destin—a place I’d taken the kids since they brought home the plastic buckets and shovels– was still a favorite. Angelina’s take out… an experience…Bayou Bill’s in Panama City our least favorite meal but a fun night in the booth. Cole had gator and liked it—Tay and I tried it but didn’t. They made fun of me…always good times when they are the closest. Taylor is a dark brunette these days—black hair and beautiful. Cole towers over us both, his hair flipping out from under his UK gangsta cap, something girls and Cats’ fans have complimented.
Yesterday after the kids went to the room for showers I stayed alone on the beach…flour white sand glistening with dead jelly fish. Emerald coast flickering with reflection. Fishing poles in a line, kayak grounded before the life guard’s station, red, then yellow and blue flags. I think of a Louisville couple at the pool who said they’re staying down here till September. I’d napped earlier…but I began to dream. They saw me writing and said there’s a sign in a Seaside window: “Writer for hire.”
Crows are calling…gotta run. Hate that it’s over. They say, “All good things must come to an end.” That’s why I hate them.
But then… I remember I can simply disagree. We can do other getaways. And as hard as it is to return to grading papers and drinking my coffee from a thermos, thanks, Lord, for a job…where students will want to know what I did over the break. Thanks for Brooke who suggested I read Loving Frank, a book about a woman who needed not just a man—Frank Lloyd Wright, an artist no less– but a creative career of her own. Thanks for family and friends who’ve checked in over the miles. Life truly is good…and I choose to believe it can get even better. Cole asked me later if I wanted to go look for that sign. I’d said it would be fun to work for our supper…or beds and breakfast…for a summer adventure. Though born Southerners, we’ve all three come to realize that home isn’t a physical place—it’s wherever we are together.